Summary of the work of the Partnership 2013 - 2015
The Partnership's main aim is to develop a vision of shared citizenship of Europe, leading to the raising of individual, cultural, historical and linguistic awareness among pupils. Partner Schools will jointly promote the development of the schools’ perspectives on a socially diverse, but cohesive, Europe and a concept of community. Partners will encourage active learning via multifaceted approaches and interpersonal contacts between extended staffs.

The Partnership's clearly defined sequential plan reflects the precise title, "Our Diverse Places in a Cohesive Europe”. The two year duration is divided into four, approximately six monthly, semesters, with each having a theme which leads to the next. The terminology "semester" defines a period reflecting differing holiday patterns and making planned allowance for this in the Partnership management. 

The semesters and themes are:

1. Localities - uniqueness of the Partner School and its surrounding area

Beginning of August 2013 until February 2014

2. Countries - distinctiveness of the nation

Beginning of February 2014 until the end of September 2014

3. Europe - shared citizenship

Beginning of October 2014 until the end of February 2015

4. Our Products and Presentations - a joint celebration

Beginning of March 2015 until July 2015 

Each Partner School's work in semesters 1 to 3 is the basis for comparative studies of the other Partners' work and situations.

Each semester will commence with a Planning and Review meeting attended by the School Contact and a staff member with responsibility for implementation. Partners will share best practice, curriculum development and staff training in order to support the development of pupils’ learning during staff mobilities undertaken between Planning and Review Meetings.

Source: Gloucester Road  Primary School, UK

Partner Schools
1. Gloucester Road Primary School 
Cheltenham, UK
Partnership name: Gloucester Road

2. Szkoła Podstawowa im. Powstańców Śląskich w Strumieniu Strumień, Poland
Partnership name: Strumień

3. Vajda Péter Musical Primary School and Sportschool 
Budapest, Hungary
Partnership name: Vajda Péter 

4. Zakladni skola Dany a Emila Zatopkovych 
Trinec, The Czech Republic
Partnership Name: ZS Zatopkovych

5. Irstaskolan 
Västerås, Sweden
Partnership name: Irsta

6. Istituto Comprensivo di Gatteo
Gatteo, Italy    
Partnership name: Gatteo

7. Zübeyde Hanim Īlköğretīm Okulu 
Sultangazi/Īstanbul, Turkey
Partnership name: Zhoo

8. Primary School Katarina Zrinska Mečenčani
Donji Kukuruzari, Croatia
Partnership name: Katarina

9. Средно общообразователно училище "Христо Ясенов" 
(Sredno obshtoobrazovatelno uchilishte "Hristo Yassenov")
Etropole, Bulgaria
Partnership name: Hristo Yassenov

10. Colegio Antonio Machado
Zaragoza, Spain
Partnership name: Antonio Machado
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